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      Abundant Savings for Egyptian Fertilizers Company

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      Egyptian Fertilizers Company (EFC) is a?leading global producer and distributor of?high-quality nitrogen fertilizer products?and industrial chemicals that provides?clean, environmentally sound solutions?to its customers. Its Suez plant is one of?the largest fertilizer complexes in Egypt,?producing 1,400 tons a day of ammonia and?5,000 tons a day of urea. It has four different?recirculating cooling water systems designed?to manage critical process operations.



      One of the biggest challenges in open,?recirculating cooling systems is a high risk?of bacterial proliferation due to ammonia?contamination and the high temperature of the?cooling tower. This can lead to increased water,?energy and chemical consumption as well as:?

      • Lower production
      • Heat exchanger failure
      • Microbiologically induced corrosion
      • Loss of revenue

      Nalco Water provided a comprehensive?solution that included on-site expertise and?Purate? Technology, a patented, proprietary?chlorine dioxide program that controls biologic?growth in cooling towers and other industrial?water treatment applications. The treatment?program has helped the EFC plant reduce:

      • Water consumption
      • Maintenance costs
      • Corrosion rates
      • Chemical usage

      In addition, overall plant performance has?improved, and safety has increased, due to?the replacement of volatile chlorine gas with?stable and reliable Purate biocide technology.


      Purate? Chlorine Dioxide Systems

      Purate is your best choice for ClO2. Advantages of Purate include:

      • No Chlorine Gas. Ever.
      • Simple Two-Chemical Feed
      • Reliable and Easy to Operate
      • Best Total Cost of Operation
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